Maintaining your performance at work with the Mediterranean diet

1 November 2017
By Sofia El Mouderrib

We have been hearing it for a long time: adopting the Mediterranean diet is a good way to improve your cardiovascular health and prevent various conditions such as type-II diabetes, pulmonary disease and cancer. What is less known about it is that it can help prevent cognitive decline.

What is cognitive decline?

As you get older, mental faculties such as long-term memory and problem solving can deteriorate even if you are healthy. This decline is usually very slow and you or your family might not notice it since it wouldn’t impact your life outside the workplace. On the other hand, when your job requires a high intellectual performance on a daily basis, this could have an impact on your performance goals and subsequently, on your sense of self-efficacy. It could also have an impact on your coworkers’ perception of your leadership and productivity level.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Here are the recommandations of this diet.

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How can this diet help my performance at work?

Studies conducted over decades have shown that people adopting this diet have slower rates of cognitive decline, and a better cognitive performance. Some studies have also shown a reduced conversion to Alzheimer’s disease, meaning that even if you develop cognitive problems related to aging, this diet could protect your brain from slipping into age-related disease.

The interesting thing in these findings is that you don’t have to fully adopt the diet to experience its benefits. The more you adhere to its principles, the more you promote your cognition and protect your brain – in the end, every effort counts.

Thus, you can use this diet as a tool that can really help you optimize your performance at work throughout your career so you can fulfill your professional goals while aging in health!

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