11 March 2019

On February 14, 2019, the event L’innovation durable au coeur de la démarche entrepreneurial took place at the Centre for Sustainable Development in Montreal. The event was co-ordinated by Cataléthique, a company that, among other things, organizes business-networking activities focused around sustainable development and social responsibility.

Audrey Murray, co-founder of nev and doctorate in neuropsychology, spoke at the event. She did so in her capacity as an unconventional entrepreneur whose efforts to improve the world around her sent her off the beaten track. During her presentation, she outlined how her company is able to provide unique and effective expertise that’s in tune with emerging social and environmental issues.

The text that follows is the transcription of the speech Mme Murray gave during this event. It centres on nev’s motivations, the workplace advantages to cognitive diversity and the importance of teaching clients about cognitive diversity.


Nev’s long-term aims and motivations

At nev, we aim to improve the mindset of those working in human resource management. Several things are driving us to innovate in this direction.


Changing perspectives in companies

One of our foremost aims is to transform the conception that businesses have of human capital. All too often employees are looked upon as an expense or a disposable resource. This leads to high levels of stress among employees and ultimately burnouts. It’s much better for entrepreneurs to regard human capital as a sustainable resource requiring care in order to flourish.

In addition, we want to show people that sustainable development is not purely an ecological consideration. Rather, it’ comprises three pillars, which together are integral to the success of any given project. We aim to highlight the social and economic dimensions to sustainable development so as to encourage businesses to embrace this forward-looking trend.


Encourage neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is essentially the idea there is as much variation between the way people think as between the way they perceive the world, process information and respond to their environment. Understanding this allows one to see cognitive difference as something positive and to capitalize on.

In this vein, we underline the link between diversity and the emergence of new ideas. As everyone perceives the world in their own way, the converging of minds of opposing and complementary bents is certain to result in greater innovation.

Given that every person has their strengths and weaknesses with respect to cognitive capacities (for example, when it comes to their working memory or their planning or organizational abilities), we can’t overstate just how beneficial neurodiversity is in the workplace. Conveying this notion to business leaders is a priority for us.

At nev, we’re committed to finding strategies for facilitating the integration of all types of employees, including individuals on the autism spectrum and those who have attention deficit disorder and learning difficulties.

Schools provide students with special needs resources that encourage their success. It’s not hard to recognize that the situation is entirely otherwise in the average workplace. We believe that encouraging the inclusion of non-typical employees benefits businesses no less than it does these persons. Welcoming these people into the workplace requires some accommodation on the part of the company. However, the company will ultimately benefit from the underappreciated abilities of these individuals and their unique manner of interpretation. It’s our goal to guide businesses so that they can optimize their operations in this respect.


Education: demystify neuroscience

The mind is incredibly complex and we still have much to learn about it. People have many misconceptions about the mind, and it’s nev’s mission to dispel these. We draw from neuroscience to demystify psychological processes and explain their connection to our thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Neuroscience brings together knowledge from transdisciplinary fields, such as biology, neuropsychology and mathematics.

Our goal is to remove the labels that people are furnished with. Labelling others puts them into a box and implies — wrongly — that they can’t grow intellectually. One of our greatest challenges at nev is to change the mindset of as many people as possible (customers, investors, families, the general public, etc.) on the question of diversity. Specifically, we want to help people understand that variety is something to embrace and that there’s more than one way to collaborate.


Social awareness and growing one’s capital

In a knowledge-based economy — in which the mind is our most important tool in the workplace — the key to success is understanding how the mind functions in an entrepreneurial business environment and finding out employees’ strengths and weaknesses. This makes for better productivity and a positive work environment, wherein all parties in the business relationship win.

Our services have improved employee performance in the teams we’ve worked with and have at the same time improved the company’s overall economic success. Moreover, while the primary objective of our work is to increase productivity, we make a lasting impact on the team by helping individual employees become aware of their particular strengths and understand how to optimize them. These employees then wish to develop within the company in question since the company is perceived to be committed to maximizing their potential.


The cornerstone of our company

In conclusion, to help entrepreneurs succeed financially, we outline a new approach to improving the way human capital is managed: the optimization of employees’ intellectual performance and well-being that results in financial growth.

We begin by offering talks, training sessions and individual coaching that targets specific, rigorously evaluated needs. Next, we analyze in-depth the company’s management of human resources, propose a reconfiguration and develop a plan of action. All of this is done with the aim of generating the biggest impact.

If you’re looking to innovate your approach to managing human resources and to forge ahead as a company, you can rely on the team at nev to guide you along this path. Contact us to learn more and to begin the process of sustainably developing your human capital.